My name is Lorna Hill

Having grown up on the West coast of Ireland, Lorna always has a strong pull to the great outdoors, especially the ocean. As far back as she can remember, she always had a camera in her hand, as she followed her love for travel, documenting as she continually explored the environment around her.

In 2007, Lorna graduated with a degree in Visual Arts, where she firmed her passion for photography and film-making. Lorna then spent several years working in various television production companies in Bristol, UK, as part of the creative teams for making natural history documentaries for BBC, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet, amongst others.
By this time, Lorna had spent some years advancing her scuba diving qualifications so with this, along with a strong urge to create her own work, she moved to Mexico to further her skills as a photographer and to realize her dream as an underwater photographer.

Lorna has always been inspired by the beauty and magic of the environment around her, especially in the water and she just loves to capture those special moments, with her camera and present to you what it is that connects her with a place or a subject.

Lorna lives with her partner, Rodrigo, in their apartment in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, where she can visit the ocean each morning and dive as much as she can. Lorna and Rodrigo spend 3 months each year working as whale watching guides in San Ignacio Lagoon, where the gray whales come to mate and breed, in the Winter. They live at the lagoon, in their campervan, then return back to their abode, thus regularly returning back to Ireland to visit her family and reconnect back to her roots.

Contact me at  lorna@lornahillphotography.com